Sperry Marine Hockey Club

Follow SMHC on FacebookThe Sperry Marine Hockey Club is a not-for-profit organization that organizes fun, noncompetitive ice hockey games for its members. Membership is free and open to any adult 18 years old or older. You do not need to be a Sperry Marine employee to join. It’s Charlottesville hockey at its most fun!

Online Sign Up

Sign up to play hockey with Sperry through our secure online shopping cart. Instructions on how to sign up can be found on the FAQ page.

Purchase Hockey Gear

Looking to get back into hockey after years away from the game? Need to purchase some hockey equipment, but don’t want to spend a fortune buying new gear? Check out the Sperry Hockey For Sale page to find new and used hockey equipment. Send us an email if you can’t find what you want, and we’ll ask our members if they have what you need.

Charlottesville Hockey Game Times

Sperry HockeySchedule

The Main Street Arena closed for good on Sunday, April 1, 2018, so the Sperry Marine Hockey Club no longer has a home rink.  No official word on when and where a new rink will open, but keep an eye on our Facebook page for news and rumors.

We’ll still try to organize the occasional game in Richmond or Lynchburg, so please keep an eye on your email.

Costs range from $16.50 for a 60-minute session to $20.15 for a 75-minute session. Goalies play for free. All sign ups are online only. Actual game times and costs may vary, so read the sign-up announcement carefully prior to each game!

Please check the News blog page and like us on Facebook for additional games and tournament announcements.

Charlottesville Hockey Videos

Ever wonder what Charlottesville hockey looks like during a Sperry hockey game? Rob Bergstrom brought his helmet-mounted GoPro camera to the rink and set the resulting video to 1990’s-era video game music. Check it out on the Videos page!

No-Show and Late cancellation Policy

Organizing the games doesn’t happen by magic. We work hard to put together the rosters and make the games competitive and fun. Please respect our efforts by showing up on time when you sign up to play. Please review the club’s No-Show and Late-Cancellation Policy before you sign up to play.


Please read the Frequently Asked Questions page to see how we run things. Otherwise, you might be surprised when the horn sounds to signal a line change. The horn sounds to signal a line change? That’s weird! Read the FAQ, and it will all make sense… Welcome to the Sperry Marine Hockey Club and Charlottesville hockey!


Rosters for upcoming Charlottesville hockey games are sent by email to the entire list. Sperry hockey rosters can also be found on the Roster page or you can find them on the club’s Facebook page.

Join Us

To register, please navigate to the My Account page and fill out the form on the right side of the page, and then press the “Register” button. You should now be logged in to your new account. However, the Registration form only creates an account using an account name and email address, so we still don’t know your name and other information. Please scroll down to the Billing Address heading and click on the “Edit” button. Fill out your name, address, and phone number. Be sure to specify whether you’re a C-line or B-line player. Press the “Save Address” button at the bottom of the form. Use the “Sign out” link on the My Account page to log out. Please see the FAQ if you want to know why we need your phone number. If this is too confusing, please send an email with your name, email address and phone number to sperryhockey@gmail.com.

Alternately, you can register when you first sign up to play. Just go to the Sign Up page and fill out the form when you place your order.

Once you are registered, you will be added to the Sperry hockey mailing list. You’ll receive email messages with instructions for signing up to play as well as rosters and other information.

Membership in the Sperry Marine Hockey Club is free. You only pay when you play. You don’t need to be a Sperry Marine employee to join the club, but you must be at least 18 years old.