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Summer Hockey Survey

Thanks to those who responded to our online survey April 22-23, 2014. Here are some of the results:

  • 19 percent replied (59 of 311 people on our mailing list).
  • Of those who replied, 75 percent (44 people) said they want to play hockey this summer, even if it mean traveling to Lynchburg or Richmond.  24 percent (14 people) said they would play only if the Charlottesville rink were open, and just 1 person said he didn’t want to play at all this summer.
  • The best day/time to play?  No clear winner, but Saturday and Sunday afternoons are popular, as are weekday start times between 8-9 PM.
  • Best weekday to play?  Again no clear winner, but both Tuesday and Thursday are popular, with Wednesday and Friday slightly less popular.  Monday apparently is not a good day.
  • We decided not to take the ice at the LaHaye Ice Center on Tuesday, April 28, because only 17 people (28 percent of the respondents) said they would play.