Artist's rendering of proposed Brookhill Ice Rink in Charlottesville, VA

Brookhill rink needs donations

The new Brookhill rink in Charlottesville is looking for financial support. Can you help? You can make a pledge at the CVille Ice website and clicking on the Pledge button.

The goal is to raise $1M before September 30 2019

Naming Opportunities

There are lots of cool naming opportunities too! Maybe you or your business would like to have the penalty box named after them? (Yes, that’s really an option… although I can think of several people who are in there often enough that it really ought to be named after them.) All donations are tax deductible, and donations over $10,000 receive ice time and seats at games.

Most of the Brookhill Rink naming opportunities are $1,000 or more, but you can donate any amount. If you would like to pool together and make a combined donation so we could reach a higher sponsorship level, let us know and we’ll figure out a way to make it happen.

  • Building – $1M – 1.5M
  • Concession Stand/Bar – $250,000
  • Zamboni – $100,000
  • Locker Rooms (6) – $30,000
  • Bleachers – $25,000
  • Penalty Box (2)- $25,000
  • Logos on the ice (4 logos) – $15,000
  • Team sponsor (2) – $15,000
  • Score Keeper Area – $10,000
  • Program sponsor (i.e., youth hockey camps)- $5,000 – $10,000
  • Rink signage (28 signs) – $2,500/season
  • Name a Brick – $1,000
  • Friends of Cville Ice – up to $1000

For questions, contact Jill Grant at

See the letter below from the Friends of the Charlottesville Ice Park.

Letter from Friends of the Charlottesville Ice Park

Fellow Skaters,

As you likely have heard, we’re working hard to remedy this current state of affairs, where Charlottesville has no options for ice hockey. A lot of things have come into place, but one task still remains.

Though we have a building design for a full-sized rink, have partnered with a great developer, have a site prepared and ready for construction, and have a warehouse full of rink equipment, none of that really matters because we can’t yet tell the construction company that they can begin work: while we’ve raised around a million dollars so far (and thanks to those of you who have already contributed), we need about a million more before we can break ground on the new rink.

Now, I imagine you probably don’t have an extra mil lying around to give to us, but you might have more than you’d initially think. We’ve lost about a year of ice in Charlottesville so far, which means you likely haven’t been spending on: league dues, morning drop in fees, skate sharpening, new equipment, spare tape and all the other things it takes to keep a player on the ice. That means you could be $1,000 or more ahead of where you would have been. Since the new rink isn’t built yet, you’re going to continue saving in the near future as well. What if you directed your unspent hockey money towards getting the rink underway?

All of us are working on this project unpaid – it’s just for the love of the game. Now it’s your time to join us and show your love as well. You can contribute by going to and clicking the Donate button, or emailing our friend and partner Jill Grant at We are a charitable 501(c)(3) organization, so you might even get a tax deduction as well.

Regardless of how old you are, we all have many more years of hockey ahead of us. Those years can start just as soon as we can get this thing built!

Jim Veale, Adam Hall, Tom Carver & Paul McKee
Friends of the Charlottesville Ice Park

Brookhill Rink Development Video – August 19, 2019