So where is the ice hockey rink anyway?

The Sperry Marine Hockey Club plays most of it’s games at Charlottesville’s Main Street Arena, 230 West Main Street.  You can find a map and get directions below.

We sometimes play games at other rinks such as Richmond’s SkateNation Plus, at 4350 Pouncey Tract Road, Glen Allen, VA.  You can find directions by visiting the Skate Nation web site.

We also play an odd game or two at the beautiful LaHaye Ice Center in Lynchburg, VA.  From Charlottesville, just head south on Route 29 to Lynchburg and follow the signs for Liberty University and the LaHaye Ice Center.

Main Street Arena

Main Street ArenaThe Main Street Arena (formerly the Charlottesville Ice Park) is located on the Historic Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, Virginia. The Arena sits directly across from the Omni Hotel on the pedestrian walking mall.  The Main Street Arena’s phone number is 434-817-2400.

Where should I park?

Putting an ice rink downtown is a great idea, but it sure makes finding parking difficult. There are a limited number of free on-street parking spots near the Main Street Arena, but they’re hard to find. MSA also validates parking at a few nearby parking garages. Park for two hours free in the Water Street Parking Garage, or park at reduced rates at the Omni Hotel. All lots are a one to two-minute walk from the rink. The Promenade offers the closest parking (practically just outside the Main Street Arena’s doors), but parking spaces are reserved during the day, and they charge $5 to park there in the evening.

However, if you stay for apres-hockey libations, the Omni parking attendant is usually gone by 10:00 PM, so it’s FREE! Also, the bar at the Omni validates parking and has a better deal than the Main Street Arena. And you know the Omni bartender loves us…


Main Street Arena
230 West Main Street
Charlottesville, Virginia 22902

Map and Directions

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