No-Show Authorization Fee

We’ve added a NO-SHOW AUTHORIZATION FEE to your fee when you sign up to play with the Sperry Marine Hockey Club. However, that additional fee would ONLY be charged in case of a NO-SHOW.  So the TOTAL ORDER amount that you see when you check out and pay will now be $10 more.

SMHC No-Show Authorization Fee

For example, if the regular game fee is $14.50, add $10 and the TOTAL ORDER amount would be $24.50.

Have Regular Game Fees Gone Up?

Does that mean you will be charged $24.50 to play hockey? No! The additional $10 fee would ONLY be charged in case of a NO-SHOW. If you show up to play (like the vast majority of people do) then you will only be charged the regular game fee of $14.50.

Is This a Change of Policy?

This is NOT a change in our no-show policy.  It just makes it easier to collect fines on those rare occasions when we have a problem with a player showing up to play.

Remember that a no-show fee is charged regardless of whether we find a substitute or not, but if someone has a valid excuse why they could not play (e.g. medical emergency), no fee would be charged. Late cancellations would still pay a lesser fee. See the No-Show and Late-Cancellation Policy for details.

No-Show and Late Cancellation Policy

The Sperry Marine Hockey Club instituted its No-Show and Late-Cancellation Policy in June 2006 to help reduce the number of players who would cancel at the last minute or just not show up to play. This policy applies to all players and goalies who are scheduled to play in any club-sponsored game.

Thank you to the majority of players who show up every game and never have a no-show or late cancellation. You make our jobs easy.