Roster for Thursday February 19 2015

Sperry Star logoWe had some last-minute changes to the roster since it was first sent by email, so alternates should check to see what team and line they are playing. Please sign up online if you would like to add your name to the list.

Here is the roster for the game on Thursday, February 19, 2015. We take the ice at 9:30 PM and play for 60 minutes. Your slot may be forfeit if you arrive at the rink after 9:15.

The B line skates first this week.


  • Moody, Seamus
  • Plaza Ponte, Leo

B-Line – Dark Team

    <liDelamere, Dave

  • Eckler, Matt
  • Lewis, Dean Steve Knick
  • Shrum, Jake
  • Siilverstein, Sam

B-Line – White Team

  • Geiger, Kevin
  • Haas, Jon
  • Laakso, Matt
  • Nasevich, Joe
  • Vatnik, Eugene

C-line – Dark Team

  • Cain, Taylor
  • Golden, Robert
  • Hall, Peter
  • Harber, Barrett
  • Mantell, Peter

C-line – White Team

  • Brethern, Michael
  • Brownfield, Ron
  • Clevenson, Dave
  • Hengartner, Marc
  • Scott, Stacy


  • None