Roster for Thursday November 6 2014

Sperry Star logoGot those post-Election Day blues? So do we. We have a full bench but only one goalie on the roster for Thursday November 6 2014. However, you can still signup online to play!

We take the ice at 9:30 PM and play for 60 minutes. This is our regular Sperry Marine Hockey Club slot at 9:30 PM every Thursday.

Cost and Payments

The price is $14.50 for all skaters. Goalies play for free. All signups are now online through the club’s website, and you must pay in advance when you signup. No need to worry about bringing exact change or finding one of us to make your payment at the rink. We accept PayPal or credit cards for payment. See the FAQ page for details about how to signup and pay.


David Delamere is handling cancellations, and he will attempt to fill any cancellations from the alternate list first. If you have to cancel, you can e-mail us using the address until noon on Thursday. From noon to game time, you should call David’s cell phone at 434-760-2870.

Sperry cancellation rules apply. See No-Show and Late Cancellation Policy for details.

Sperry Hockey Roster for Thursday November 6 2014

Here is the Sperry Hockey Roster for Thursday November 6 2014. We take the ice at the Main Street Arena at 9:30 PM and play for 50 minutes. We will run B and C lines with a 90 second clock.

Please arrive early so you have plenty of time to dress and be ready to hit the ice. Your slot may be forfeit if you arrive at the rink after 9:30.

The C line plays first this week.


  • Campell, Brian

B-Line – Dark Team

  • Delamere, Dave
  • Draper, Matt
  • Eckler, Matt
  • Lee, Matt
  • Vatnik, Eugene

B-Line – White Team

  • Casey, Sean
  • Goldberg, Ron
  • Haas, Jon
  • Lewis, Dean
  • Shrum, Jake

C-line – Dark Team

  • Crockett, Josh
  • Harber, Barrett
  • Kessel, Bryan
  • Rosenfeld, Keith
  • Sayler, Brad

C-line – White Team

  • Brethern, Michael
  • Clevenson, Dave
  • Frey, Dave
  • Landers, James
  • Templeman, Bob


  • Feller, Matthew
  • Rowan, Ron
  • Rowen, Alyssa