Sperry Hockey Roster for Sunday 25 November 2018

Hi Folks,

Here is the roster for the game on Sunday November 25. We take the ice at 2:30 PM and play for 75 minutes. We’re playing shift-on-fly. Bring both jerseys to the bench in case trades are needed.

Brad Sayler will be handling cancellations. If you have to cancel, you can e-mail us using the sperryhockey@gmail.com address until Sunday at noon. After that, you should call my cell  434-234-7129..

We are cranking the numbers now to determine what the actual charge will be for this game.

See you on the ice.

Rosters for Sunday November 25:

Dark Team

  1. Grainger Ben dark
  2. Haas Jon dark
  3. Hallacher Courtney dark
  4. Johnston Anthony dark
  5. karr nick dark
  6. Kling Jonathan dark
  7. Lewis Dean dark
  8. Mantell Peter dark
  9. Sayler Brad dark
  10. Slitt Gavin dark
  11. Wilhelm Gretchen dark
  12. WRIGHT RYAN dark

White Team

  1. Bateman Allie white
  2. Bergstrom Rob white
  3. Bukowski Matthew white
  4. Ford Dalton white
  5. Frey Dave white
  6. Hallacher Jason white
  7. Maksymonko John white
  8. Mcininch Stephen white
  9. Morrison Rich white
  10. Peters Kim white
  11. Sawyer Eric white
  12. Sellers Ray white


  • Ceravole Greg goalie
  • Cole Steven goalie


Bryant Will alternate (goalie)