Sperry Hockey Roster for Thursday January 5 2017

Sperry Hockey Santa and Roster for Thursday January 5 2016Here is the roster for Thursday January 5 2017.   We are back to our regular time slot.  We have a (very) full roster and more than a dozen subs.  Can you tell that the league is not playing this week?

We take the ice at 9:30 PM and play for 75 minutes. Your slot may be forfeit if you arrive at the rink after 9:15 PM.

Brad Sayler will be handling cancellations. If you have to cancel, you can e-mail us using the sperryhockey@gmail.com address until noon on Thursday. From noon to 8:30, you should call Brad’s HOME phone number, 434-823-7334. After 8:30 PM, call Brad’s CELL phone, 434-234-7129.

Your PayPal account or credit card will be debited for the game. Cost is $20.15 for the 75-minute session. Goalies play for free.

The C line plays first this Thursday.

Roster for Thursday January 5 2017


  • Cole, Steven
  • Lail, Jason

B-line – Dark Team

  • Bambury, Tim
  • Bergstrom, Rob
  • Hawrylack, Mike
  • Koch, Paul
  • Lewis, Dean

B-line – White Team

  • Griffith, Ali
  • Talman, Kyle
  • Kling, Johnathan
  • Lenze, Anthony
  • Wright, Ryan

C-line – Dark Team

  • Cain, Taylor
  • Draper, Matt
  • Landers, James
  • Sayler, Brad
  • Hassler, David

C-line – White Team

  • Crockett, Josh
  • Dowd, Michael
  • Harber, Barrett
  • Michael, Glen
  • Rozycki, Brian


  • Farr, BJ
  • Haas, Jon
  • Bukowski, Matthew
  • Olson, David
  • Slitt, Gavin
  • Haskins, Ryan
  • Frey, Dave
  • Robertson, Dan
  • Burke, Matthew
  • Cole, Banu
  • Dort, David
  • Lee, Laura
  • Rosenfeld, Keith

See you on the ice!