Sperry Hockey Roster for Thursday January 19 2017

Sperry Marine Hockey ClubHere is the roster for Thursday January 19 2017.  We take the ice at 9:30 PM and play for 75 minutes. Your slot may be forfeit if you arrive at the rink after 9:15 PM.

We have had a big surge in the number of signups the past month. Next week we will play shift-on-the-fly with 13 skaters on each bench assuming this trend continues. In the likely event that we get more than 20 skaters, the price per skater will be reduced proportionately. Joe Dave and I welcome your input on this issue.

David Delamere will be handling cancellations. If you have to cancel, you can e-mail us using the sperryhockey@gmail.com address until noon on Thursday. From noon to game time, you should call David’s cell phone number, 434-760-2870.

Your PayPal account or credit card will be debited for the game. Cost is $20.15 for the 75-minute session. Goalies play for free.

The C line plays first this Thursday.

Roster for Thursday January 19 2017


  • Cole, Steven
  • Lail, Jason

B-line – Dark Team

  • Bambury, Tim
  • Bergstrom, Rob
  • Black, Chris
  • Nasevich, Joe
  • Rozycki, Brian

B-line – White Team

  • Bender, Dean
  • Delamere, Dave
  • Hassler, David
  • Lewis, Dean
  • Yang, Kevin

C-line – Dark Team

  • Cain, Taylor
  • Clark, Jim
  • Clevenson, Dave
  • Gingras, Jean
  • Lawlor, Bryan

C-line – White Team

  • Harber, Barrett
  • Koch, Paul
  • Lee, Laura
  • Pawlikowski, Zachary
  • Sayler, Brad


  • Bukowski, Matthew
  • Crockett, Josh
  • Feller, Matthew
  • Frey, Dave
  • Gaskins, John
  • Griffith, Ali
  • Haskins, Ryan
  • Kuller, Steve
  • Mantell, Peter
  • Milligram, David
  • Robertson, Dan
  • Rosenfeld, Keith
  • Wright, Ryan

See you on the ice!