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Main Street Arena Summer Update

Below is a Main Street Arena summer update from the owner, Mark Brown.  The full letter is copied below, but here are the highlights:

  • The rink is scheduled to re-open on Monday, August 19, 2013
  • MSA hired two new hockey directors to replace Jen Blanchard:

If the rink opens as scheduled, we hope to have our first Sperry hockey game on Tuesday night, August 20.  Stay tuned…

Main Street Arena Summer Update

Main Street Arena Summer UpdateThe following newsletter was originally sent by email on Monday, July 8, 2013.  It’s been copied here in its entirety.

Main Street Arena
July 8th, 2013

MSA Patrons,

I hope everybody has had a good summer and is looking forward to the coming ice season which is scheduled to begin on August 19th, 2013 or perhaps a day later depending on how long it takes to touch up the ice. This will be my fourth season with MSA which is hard to believe, it feels like yesterday that this journey began.

When you come back, you’ll be glad to see we have made a few upgrades to the arena. The main upgrade is we have purchased LED lighting for the rink area. The old lights were 400W halide lights that burned extremely hot. At the level of the lights the temperature of the air was always over 70 degrees. The LED lights that we have installed are 150W and can be touched with your bare hand while on. Not only will we save the direct electricity costs associated with lighting, we will not have a section of extremely hot air heating up the building which saves further electricity costs and should result in a higher quality ice surface. Additionally the LED lights are instant on and instant off which will be great if we experience a power outage or wanted to turn off the lights temporarily for some reason.

I also wanted to announce that we have hired new hockey directors Gary Jones for the Adult League and Jeremy Thomson for the Youth league. Gary has played and been around hockey for his entire life and is very excited at this opportunity to put his touch on the adult league. If anyone has any ideas they’d like to discuss, Gary can be reached at g.jones@mainstarena.com. Jeremy is well known to everyone as a Zamboni driver, skate sharpener, hockey coach and hockey player. He has been around the rink for a long time as well and is going to be working to further develop youth hockey players in central Virginia. This is a huge job and hopefully Jeremy and our hockey community can work together to recruit new skaters and guide them from learning to skate into serious committed players at the rink for years to come. If anyone would like to reach Jeremy he can be contacted at j.thompson@mainstarena.com.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Jennifer Blanchard for 3 years of service at MSA and I believe another 14 years at Charlottesville Ice Park. When I looked at buying the rink initially, I was heavily influenced by the fact that an experienced and professional hockey director was already on staff. I was also substantially aided in that process by her husband Mike Ball who was the director of BRIHA at that time. Without both of their presence, I don’t know that skating would exist in Charlottesville. I look forward to their continued involvement at MSA and you can find Jennifer at https://www.facebook.com/MorselCompassMobileKitchen or at jennifer@jenniferblanchardrealty.com

If anyone has any further questions or would like to get in touch you can reach myself at mark.brown@mainstarena.com or Will at will@mainstarena.com.


Mark Brown